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The World’s only Streaming Kit designed for live streaming. 

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Benefits of The Self Streaming Kit:

 The Self Streaming Kit is quick and easy set-up gets you streaming instantly to your social media platforms, LIVE!

Interact with your audience

Edit Your Content Live within the App

Record and edit from virtually anywhere

Help Desk to get you online

Who's it for?

We send you the self stream kit in the post. We also have a help desk to get you set up quickly and to answer your live streaming questions. 


As standard we include:

  • Camera
  • Audio Microphone. 
  • Stand
  • SD Card
  • Help Desk
  • Help video


We charge £397 for the Kit as a standard price including everything listed above. Please contact us for more information, such as longer rentals.

Once purchased, we’ll give you all the support needed to make sure you can set up your live stream with ease.

We’ll answer all your live streaming questions, so you can stream your events without any hiccups. 

Don't want to go live yet? Record and upload later!

We give you an SD card to Record HD videos directly to your SD card or why not record and stream to Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, or any custom RTMP destination.

Stream from virtually anywhere via Wi-Fi or LTE.

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