The worlds first virtual, interactive live pantomime.

Panto Live’s original show, Cinderella Live, premiered in December 2020 and was a worldwide first viewed by over 200,000 families throughout the world. 

It included real-time participation from its virtual audience through a cloud-based video conferencing service, Zoom. This enabled live interaction between the actors and the viewers themselves, at several stages during the story. 

The vibrant virtual sets used in the production were generated by the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool, the Unreal Engine, which is the same technology used to construct high-end online video games such as Fortnight. 

It is available on-demand and we run several events per year.  

Directed by: Charlotte Peters 

Starring: Chris Rankin, Chris Johnson, Katy Clayton, Jessica Ellis, Kimberley Hart-Simpson, Martin Callaghan, Tim Churchill, Steve Fortune, Elin Pavlin- Hinde and introducing; Cuan Durkin. 

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