Death at a Distance: The Future of Funerals

Live Streaming Funerals… Why?

Live Streaming is a hot topic at the moment due to isolation, it’s a common occurance to hear about live streaming events or  Live Streaming conferences but live streaming funerals… ? That’s completely new! It’s sad for family and friends of the deceased but I can’t imagine anything worse than being stopped from attending a loved ones funeral.   but live streaming funerals are growing rapidly!

What do you need to know about funerals during the COVID-19 crisis?

There are occasions when distance, health or other circumstances can stop some family and friends from attending a funeral to say goodbye and pay their respects. These barriers have been amplified against the backdrop of Covid-19, as social distancing regulations prevent people from coming together, regardless of the significance of the event. Losing a loved one is one of the worst things that can happen to someone, however for many, attending the funeral can help in someway to begin to come to terms with grief.  

The Digital Revolution is not just for the living?

The latest technology now allows anyone to be able to take part in saying goodbye to someone they love.  Funeral Live Streaming allows those who are unable to attend for any reason the opportunity to participate as if they were physically present at the venue itself. Friends and relatives are able to watch the funeral for themselves in real-time, over the internet from anywhere in the world, allowing people to get some degree of closure. 

Tuning in to watch a funeral is nothing new!

We’ve been doing this for years!!!!

How does todays live streaming work for funeral services?

There are several different ways in which you can stream or webcast but by far the most effective is the Self Streaming Kit. 

This Kit gives you:

  •  a non-invasive camera, 
  •  audio, 
  • stand 
  • Help desk professionals that help you along the way.  

What to expect when you attend a Live Streamed Funeral?  How do you view?

Streams are private and are sent to mourners from the funeral parlour via a private link.  

After clicking on the link they can watch the funeral from the comfort of their own home and greive in they’re own space.

 In most cases, access is opened to online mourners at the same time the funeral venue opens its doors – so you won’t miss a thing. If you’d like to join in and give your condolences there is a message box to say a few words

The text box on the stream allows family to interact with each other and pay their respects.

Are the future of funerals live streaming?

The world is a smaller place, as has now been demonstrated with how fast the pandemic has spread. Imagine if your father’ s brother can’t attend because he lives overseas or your grandma is in hospital and can’t attend her husband of 50 years’ funeral. 

Live Streaming is making the world smaller but connecting people that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to connect. Our prediction is that Live streaming for funerals will definitely be sticking around after social distancing has returned to the ‘New Normal’.

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