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2020 – The Year of the Virtual Event

The recent shift towards virtual events – why?

COVID-19 has been felt by both businesses and individuals worldwide. Major events have been cancelled such as SXSW, Coachella, NAB, Glastonbury, film festivals and more. It’s event affected, regular staples of everyday life for many people, such as fitness classes.

This has led to businesses trying to find innovative ways to continue with business as normal. Some of these bigger companies include; Apple, Adobe and Microsoft turning to the online sphere as they work to provide help to all the smaller companies struggling.

In the midst of COVID-19 Lady GaGa organised musicians to come together to raise money for those affected by the pandemic in true Live Aid fashion. However, due to isolation, the musicians performed from their living room or home studio. it’s access and an intimacy most die-hard fans could only have dreamed of.

The events space is extremely interesting right now!

As the World is in lockdown, people stuck at home are turning to the arts to keep their sanity. Which means there is a brand new untapped audience ripe for the takings and it’s a race to see who can find a successful business model and do it well.

Covid-19 doesn’t have to decimate your business,

With all this uncertainty, and the online market easy to access, you won’t be surprised to hear that event organisers and businesses, such as gyms have taken themselves online. This allows them to offer a host of fitness classes to their member base, so they can continue to obtain revenue that would have been lost. 

Religious organisations and Local authorities are now turning to the internet to maintain their schedule, and those who had planned to run a concert this year are considering the merits of broadcasting to their audience online. 

Some Benefits of running your event online!

  • They are more accessible to all, and more inclusive!!

Virtual events have found a new audience globally and anyone can take part!

  • Better for the Environment

 No travel means you’re doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint and be kind to the environment – which is also good for your reputation.

  • No Travel

 No travel also means that you don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want, put on a shirt and leave your pyjama bottoms on because you only show what you want to.


You’re capturing LIVE DATA so you can see exactly why people are turning off, tuning in where they’re watching from which means your next event, merchandise and all other marketing can be specifically targeted and tailored to your audience.

The sense of inclusion and community that was threatened by COVID-19 does not have to be lost because any event can easily be taken online to the new market.

If you would like a free demonstration of the Self Streaming Kit please email: hello@goinglive.tv

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