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The worlds first virtual, interactive live pantomime.

Panto Live’s original show, Cinderella Live, premiered in December 2020 and was a worldwide first viewed by over 300,000 families throughout the world. 

It included real-time participation from its virtual audience through a cloud-based video conferencing service, Zoom. This enabled live interaction between the actors and the viewers themselves, at several stages during the story. 

The vibrant virtual sets used in the production were generated by the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool, the Unreal Engine, which is the same technology used to construct high-end online video games such as Fortnite.

Peter Pan - The Interactive Live Pantomime!

Synopsis: Peter Pan Live will push the technological and immersive experience even further than it’s predecessor Cinderella Live, with exciting new and innovative viewing options, increased audience participation and interactivity, and a richer and more exciting visual setting.

There will also be a modified ‘International’ script to viewers in countries that are not as familiar with the British theatrical tradition of ‘panto’ – to make the show more universally appealing, and increase viewer demand. Peter Pan Live will make it’s debut during the Christmas/winter holiday season of 2021.

Internet TV

Games Vault

A weekly show about all things gaming. We keep you up to date on the latest news, interviews with special guests, and who can forget our wonderful sponsors. Tune in every Friday at 6pm BST. For Bonus Content enter the vault at Nexi.tv. Games Vault is part of the NEXI Network brand.

Sound Check

Sound Check is a live music show providing a platform for the very best new and emerging talent in today’s music scene. This show promotes a wide variety of music genres and explores aspects of musical production. Original and exciting artists perform live for a virtual audience worldwide.

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Film Live

Film Live takes you behind the scenes of the filmmaking journey and is dedicated to the world of film, television and online content creation.  

This show has an interest in every aspect of the film and television process; from behind-the-scene interviews with people working in the industry, to the latest in film-making technology and techniques. Its broad range of content appeals to both creators and fans alike.

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Let’s Talk Business. Founders looks at the people behind some of the most exciting companies in the world and deconstructs their success. 

The show explores up-and-coming innovations relevant to the business sector, cutting edge business technology and market trends and offers inspiration and advice from successful entrepreneurs, CEO.s and industry leaders.

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